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Research Centre Juelich (Germany)


As part of the Research Center Juelich (FZJ), the Institute of Bio- and Nanosystems (IBN) performs application oriented basic research in the domains of information technology.


Number of persons working in the Nanoelectronics field:

About 25 researchers


Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

  • high mobility channel materials (sSi, Ge, on OI)
  • high-k dielectrics
  • silicides
  • Schottky- and Tunnel FET
  • Nanowire transistors


Research facilities

Processing and characterization facilities:

fully equipped clean room with

  • ion beam analysis (RBS, channeling..)
  • Ion implantation, PLD, ALD, SiGe-CVD, MBE
  • TEM, SEM
  • and many more



Pullnano, Tesin, Decisif

International Conferences/Workshops

Nanode2008, ULIS2009...







Siegfried Mantl