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Université de Lille (France)


The University of Lille hosts the Institut for Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN). IEMN has developed a recognized expertise over a wide spectrum of research fields covering advanced device fabrication (compounds and silicon), material physics, circuit design, optoelectronics, nanostructures, molecular electronics, microsystems, acoustics and sensors. The coexistence of specialists in all these research areas increases exchange of knowledge between very different disciplines where IEMN has acquired the expertise required for the design of non-conventional CMOS materials and devices.


Number of persons working in the Nanoelectronics field:

Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

  • Fondamental research (materials, nanostructures, interfaces)
  • Devices components (micro and nanosystems, micro and nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, acoustics, microfluidics, thermics)
  • Applications instrumentation (sensors, télécommunications, medical applications, non destructive control)


Research facilities

Processing and characterization facilities (1600 m2 clean room)

  • 2 e-beamwriters EBPG 5000+ 100kV Vistec (Leïca)
  • Focus Ion Beam (FIB) Strada DB 235 FEI Company
  • Organic deposition platform
  • 2 Mask Aligners MA6 KST
  • Automatic resist deposition development system KST ACS200
  • Solid and gas sources MBE, MBE 32 et MBE 49
  • Ion Implantion EATONGA3204
  • Oxidation/Diffusion furnaces Tempress TS-6300
  • Metals deposition systems (evaporation*, sputtering)
  • Plasmas-etching and deposition systems (RIE,ICP, PECVD)
  • Materials measurement benches: ( XPS, RHEED, DDX, Hall effect, Photolum,
  • Profilometer,Resistivity, Ellipsometer, Femtoseconde Laser, STM, AFM...)
  • Field effect gun electronic microscope ZEISS 820, Confocal microscope
  • Mecanochemical etching and polishing system
  • CO2-based critical temperature dryer


Publications (2004-2007)

  • 291 International Journals
  • 626 International conferences and workshops
  • 104 Invited talks
  • 30 book chapters



Emmanuel Dubois