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IMS/NCSR Demokritos (Greece)


The Institute of Materials Science (IMS)  of NCSR DEMOKRITOS promotes materials science and engineering in a diverse field.

This work is mainly supported financially by European ICT projects under the 5th, 6th and 7th framework programs which are coordinated by the MBE laboratory of IMS.



Number of persons working in the Nanoelectronics field:

31 persons (9 permanent research scientists, 12 postdocs and 10 students.)


Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

The oxide MBE and surface analysis laboratory focuses on high-k gate dielectrics on Si and high mobility semiconductors (Ge, III-V) for advanced CMOS aimed for beyond 22 nm technology nodes. Special emphasis is given on the development of appropriate surface passivation methodologies and compatible dielectric materials which combine good electrical quality interfaces with low equivalent oxide thickness for aggressively scaled transistor gates.

The development of gate dielectrics is performed at the materials level by means of in-situ XPS and UPS physic-chemical characterization, and at a second stage by means of capacitor electrical characterization.


Research facilities

Processing laboratory equipped with the following:

  • Oxide /Si(Ge) MBE for thin-film growth


Characterization and testing laboratories

  • In-situ RHEED
  • Mass spectrometry
  • In-situ XPS
  • In-situ UPS
  • In-situ LEISS
  • C-V, G-V, I-V capacitor characterization
  • Admittance spectroscopy (G-w)
  • XRD characterization Bragg-Brentano mode


Collaborations/Project :

All the projects below were/are implemented and managed by the MBE lab  of IMS

  • EU:


  • Non-EU : Bilateral study/collaboration agreements between

-IMS/NCSR-D and IBM-Zurich

  • National:

General Secretarial Research & Technology, Greece (PhD and Post Doc training projects)

Training activities

  • In a period of 3 years, training of 2-3 PhD students on average by the MBE lab
  • Courses on specialized topics of experimental condensed matter physics

in the framework of the joint postgraduate program between IMS/NCSR-D and NTUA.

Publications per year
  • On average 6-10 publications by the MBE lab
  • 3-4 invited presentations by the MBE personnel



Athanasios Dimoulas