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IUNET (Italy)


The "Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la Nanoelettronica" (IUNET, Italian Universities Nano-Electronics Team), is a non-profit, private Organization, aimed to lead and coordinate the effort of the major Italian University Teams in the field of Silicon Based Nanoelectronic Device Modeling and Characterization. Its aims are to develop collaborative research activities among its members and provide support to the development of new technology platforms for micro- and nano-electronics.

Number of persons working in the Nanoelectronics field:

33 persons (6 full professors, 7 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, 10 PhDs, 5 other personel)


Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

  • Modeling, simulation and characterization of ultimate CMOS devices (More Moore)
  • Devices for Technologies Beyond-CMOS (More than Moore)
  • Modeling, simulation and characterization of non volatile memories - Ultimate Floating-Gate based and Emerging


Research facilities

Current Members of IU.NET are the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena e Reggio Emilia, Padova, Pisa, Udine, and the Politecnico of Milano.

They offer renown and complementary expertise in the field of modeling, simulation design, characterization of CMOS-based nanometer-size electronic devices.





  • 6 Projects in EU FP VI
  • 4 Projects in EU FP VII
  • 1 National Project

Organisation of Conferences/Workshops

ULIS 2008 (Udine)

Training activities

SINANO Summer School 2006, 2008 (ARCES-Bologna)

Publications (2005-2007)

  • 118 papers in International Journals
  • 146 conferences (15 IEDM)



Enrico Sangiorgi