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Uppsala University (Sweden)



World-class research, first-class education, living tradition and culture - Uppsala University is one of the highest ranked seats of learning in Northern Europe.

The Angström Microstructure Laboratory is a 2000 m2 cleanroom facility ranging from calss 10 000 to class 100. It is equipped to provide excellent resources for multidisciplinary micro-/ nanoprocessing and materials analysis. Process environments have been established for silicon electronics, silicon micro-/nanosystems, diamond electronics and microprocessing, polymer processing and more.


Number of persons working in the Nanoelectronics field:



Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

  • Within electronic component technology, the research focuses on high performance high frequency microelectronic components for mobile communication, which has resulted in state-of-the-art high power silicon RF LDMOS transistor with world record power density and IC compatible bandpass filters and resonators for mobile phones.

  • A related field is low cost, highly sensitive physical and biochemical sensors, preferably compatible with IC technology, where novel thin film Lamb devices and FBAR sensors have been demonstrated. The diamond project aims at fast switching Schottky rectifiers with > 10kV blocking voltage.

Research facilities

  • Most silicon processes are available for 100 and 150 mm wafers.
  • An integrated laboratory for materials characterization offers instrumentation for e.g. HR electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), FIB (dual beam), XPS and AFM.
  • Other MSL strengths and profile areas include tools for:

- Laser lithography for mask fabrication and direct write

- Spin / spray processing for conformal resist coverage

- Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) with high resolution double-sided alignment

- High quality thermal processes in ten vertical diffusion and LPCVD furnaces

- High density plasma processes for metal and deep silicon etching

- Ion implantation and ion beam analysis



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Stephan Nygren