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Universities Rovira i Virgili and of Granada (Spain)


The Group of Semiconductor Devices (officially called NEPHOS: NanoElectronic and PHOtonic Systems) of the DEEEA Department has made pioneering work on characterization and modelling of advanced semiconductor devices during the last 10 years, in particular in Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs), Photonic Crystals, and recently (in the frame of WP4 of SINANO), nanoscale MOSFETs.


Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

 • Compact modeling techniques of nanoscale MOSFETs
• Device model parameter extraction techniques
• RF device characterization
• Competence in physics of nanoscale MOSFETs


Research facilities



Characterization platform

• Prober Karl Süss PM5
• Impedance Analyzer HP4192A (C-f)
• Capacimeter HP4280A (C-V, C-t)
• Electrometer Keithley 619



 Benjamin Iniguez