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Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)


Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics is a part of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of WUT. It is involved in both education (undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. studies in the area of Electronics and Information Technology) and research (processing, modeling and characterization of semiconductor devices).



Main Research activities in Nanoelectronics

• Ultrathin dielectric layers (SiO2, SiON, SiN) formation in very low (<350°C) and standard high temperature processes by means of:
• thermal oxidation (>800°C)
• plasma oxidation (<100°C)
• Ultrashallow implantation (<2nm) (<350°C)
• PECVD (<350°C)

• analysis of MOSFET I-V curves (threshold voltage, subthreshold slope, DIBL, mobility, etc.)
• standard CV (also applied to SOI MOS capacitors), gate-leakage current and reliability
• analysis of the quality of the semiconductor-gate oxide interface by means of charge pumping (average interface-trap density, energy distribution of trap density)
• extraction of generation parameters (surface recombination velocity, generation lifetime) by means of analysis of the electrical characteristics of gated diodes
• spectroscopic ellipsometry for independent determination of layer thickness and its optical properties (with the possibility to gain information on chemical composition and physical structure of the layer)
• modeling of tunnel currents through high-K gate stacks in single and double gate MOS/SOI diodes and transistors
• modeling of electron mobility (drift-diffusion, relaxation time approach) in silicon structures with SiGe layers and high-K gate stacks.



Research facilities

Processing facilities:

• Complete MOS test structure manufacturing line, silicon compatible


Characterization platform:

• Agilent 4275A (HF-CV)
• Agilent 4140B (QS-CV)
• Agilent 4285A impedance meter
• Keithley SMU236/237 (I-V)
• Keithley 617 Ammeter (CP)



Romuald Beck