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Competences and facilities

SiNANO Institute's members are renowned European research organisations, universities and research centres in the field of nanoelectronics.


Their main competences are centred on the "More Moore" and "Beyond-CMOS" domains, but the expertise of the Institute also covers part of the "More than Moore" field:


  • Simulation, design, processing, characterisation, modelling and reliability of nanoelectronic devices,


  • More Moore: new materials, innovative fabrication steps, advanced device architectures, and their integration into nanoscale CMOS,


  • Beyond-CMOS: top-down and bottom-up processes, nanowires, nanodots, quantum devices, carbon electronics, etc.


  • More than Moore : Micro-nano-bio systems, RF devices, etc.


The Sinano Institute gathers the most important flexible research infrastructures available in Europe for long term nanoelectronic research.