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Joint Modelling Platform


Coordination: IUNET  


Contact person: Enrico Sangiorgi,


The Joint Modelling Platform has been established to continue and further develop the positive experience of the SINANO NoE by integrating and validating the modelling approaches and tools developed by the individual partners against ad-hoc, well-characterized template devices.

The most promising and advances modelling tools-methods are brought together to tackle the main device physical challenges foreseen for the 22, 16 TN and beyond ...(mobility enhancements, off currents, interface effects, low dimensional transport). 


Methods and Tools for Device modelling

  • Semi-classical device modeling (Boltzmann equation):

o       Quantum Drift-Diffusion

o       Multi-Sub-Band Monte Carlo

o       Deterministic solutions of the Boltzmann Equation

  • Approaches for different carrier gas dimensionality, corresponding to planar bulk and MUG-MOS (2D) or nanowire FET (1D).
  • Full-quantum device modeling

o       Non Equilibrium Green Functions (NEGF)

o       Wigner-Boltzmann 

  • Gate leakage modelling, including high-k materials and trapping
  • Modeling of intrinsic device parameters variability
  • Calculation of  the sub-band structure for the 2D, 1D, electron and hole carrier gases and of the corresponding scattering rates

o       Effective mass approaches

o       k.p approaches


Methods and Tools for Compact modelling

  • Compact models for thin body multi-gate MOSFETs and for FinFETs including size induced quantization and quasi-ballistic transport
  • Compact models for MASTAR environment
  • Compact models to account for the main sources of intrinsic statistical variability


The Joint Modelling Platform also assists partners to get access and know-how of specific processes not available at the home institution.


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