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Official Press information session

  • Guardian Angels Press Release 28.01.2013

Guardian Angels_Press Release


  • Articles for the launch of the Guardian Angels FET Flagship Pilot Phase (01.05.2011-30.04.2012)

GA Press release 



Final report of the Pilot Phase (01.05.2011-30.04.2012)



Contains 6 Workpackages:

  • WP1: Concept and Scientific objectives                                                                                                    A. Schenk           ETHZ
  • WP2: Technology, Integration and Zero Power System Design                                                          H. Fanet            CEA 
  • WP3: Impact on Society, Economy and Environment                                                                            E. Kaasinen        VTT
  • WP4: Consortium Build-up, Networking, Dissemination and Gap Analysis                                      F.Balestra         Sinano Institute
  • WP5: National support at European scale and Societal Awareness                                                   G. Bielsen            KUL
  • WP6: Project Management and Governance                                                                                           A. Ionescu          EPFL

Guardian Angels website

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Guardian Angels Workshops during the Pilot Phase

Two Guardian Angels Wokshops were organized:

1- in September 2011 in Helsinki during ESSDERC-ESSCIRC'2011 (Sept. 15-16) Program

2- in February 2012 in Paris during MEMS'2012 (February 2-3) Program

The presentations are available on the Guardian Angels intranet.