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More Moore-Memory: PCM

Examples of available "Lectures" or "Practical Work" in the PCM domain:


  • Basic principles

1- Fundamentals and operating principles
2- Materials and device architectures
3- Scaling and benchmarking with FG cells


  • Modeling

1- Material characteristics and device operation
2- Reliability
3- Statistical modeling
4- Compact modeling


  • Simulation

1- Electrical transport in the amorphous phase
2- Threshold/memory switching
3- Reliability (crystallization, drift, disturbs)

  • Characterization

1- Cell operation (R/W/E)
2- Array operation and statistics
3- Reliability


  • Reliability

1- Cell-level reliability (endurance, retention,…)
2- Array-level reliability (disturbs, variability)
3- Drift, 1/f noise, RTN
4- Development of extrapolation models


  • Other

1- Material/stack engineering for high temperature stability, low power and RAM applications