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More than Moore: RF devices & circuits

Examples of available "Lectures" or "Practical Work" in the RF domain:


  • Basic principles

1- Principles of RF operation in solid-state devices and circuits
2- Fundamentals and device operation
3- III-V devices for RF applications
4- Antennas basics
5- Transmitter architecture, digital modulations
6- S parameters, impedance matching
7- Microwave amplifier design
9- SOI CMOS Analog/RF device behaviors and performance
10- High-resistivity Si and SOI substrates for RF applications


  • Modeling

1- Compact RF Modeling of nanoscale MOSFETs
2- Compact RF noise modeling in nanoscale MOSFETs
3- TCAD modeling
4- Monte Carlo
5- SOI CMOS Analog/RF device models


  • Simulation

1- Introduction to CAD for RF  circuits (ADS simulator)
2- TCAD simulation


  • IC Design

1- Principle
2- LNA
3- Oscillator
4- RF CMOS design
5- Circuits and systems for telecom applications
6- SOI CMOS Analog/RF circuits

  • Technological Process

1- Fabrication principle
2- HEMT technology


  • Characterization

1- MEMS characterization
2- Characterization of thin films
3- S-parameter
4- RF characterization technique
5- RF MOS parameter extraction
6- Two port AC small signal up to 20GHz
7- Time domain reflectometry
8- DC performance and Reliability of III-V devices
9- SOI CMOS Analog/RF device behaviors and performance
10- Wideband electrical characterization of SOI MOS transistors
11- Wideband electrical characterization of multigate transistors