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Novel Materials: High K/Low K

Examples of available "Lectures" or "Practical Work" in the High K/Low K domain:


  • Basic principles

1- Fundamentals
2- Physics of the gate tunneling current and noise in nanoscale MOSFETs

  • Modeling

1- Modelling of currents through high-k dielectrics
2- Compact Modeling of the gate tunneling current in nanoscale MOSFETs
3- Compact Modeling of the gate tunneling noise in nanoscale MOSFETs
4- Modeling of High-k related scattering mechanisms
5- Electrostatics of MOS stacks with multilayer dielectrics


  • Simulation

1- MOS device CV characteristics
2- MOS transistor simulation (with different modeling approaches)


  • Technological Process

1- High-k dielectrics for memory applications
2- Gate dielectric materials for TFT structures
3- ZnO-based amorphous semiconductors for application in TFT structures

  • Characterization

1- Electrical characterisation of gate stacks including high-k dielectrics
2- Gate tunneling current parameter extraction
3- AC small signal MOS CV characteristics