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Novel Materials: Alternative Channels (Ge, III-V,...)

Examples of available "Lectures" or "Practical Work" in the Alternative Channels domain:


  • Basic principles

1- Fundamentals
2- III-V materials
4- Si-Ge- Sn for electronics and optoelectronics
5- Physics of III-V FETs

  • Modeling

1- On state performance
2- Off state leakage
3- Quantum effects
4- Short Channel Effects
5- Compact Modeling of III-V FETs
6- Compact Modeling of GaN HEMTs
7- Band structure and transport modeling (TB, KP, EMA)
8- Semiclassical transport modeling
9- Quantum transport modeling
10- TCAD mobility modeling


  • Simulation

1- Monte Carlo device simulation
2- Full quantum transport simulation


  • Technological Process

1- III-V technology
2- III-V FET fabrication

  • Characterization

1- Electrical characterization of Ge channel MOSFETs
2- Electrical characterization of GaN MOSFETs
3- DC and AC small signal, transient