• 1 PHD Position at Grenoble INP (GINP: IMEP-LAHC & LMGP) on Study of non-linear electromechanical effects on piezoelectric semiconducting nanowires


Deadline: July 15

  • 1 PHD Position at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) on modelling of memristor devices in emerging technologies.

 Goal of the project is the development of an analytical physics based compact model for circuit simulations to be used in the context of applications such as resistive RAM or synaptic devices for artificial neural networks. In particular, the research will focus on considering stochastic switching in a circuit design process. For verification by measurements, we are in close collaboration with several international research groups.


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Deadline: Sept. 1st

  • 3 PHD Positions at IUNET-University of Bologna

⇒New Semiconductor technologies for automotive power applications  (In partnership with an Engineering Company in the automotive/motorsport sector) 

GaN-based smart power integrated circuits for automotive applications (In partnership with a top-level Semiconductor Company) 

Reliability and performance optimization of the d-mode HEMTs and Schottky barrier diodes in a p-GaN HEMT based GaN-IC platform (In partnership with a top-level Research Institute) 

PowER PhD positions

  • 1 Post Doc position on Electrodes and electrolytes for ultrathin Reversible Solid Oxide Cells at Grenoble INP -LMGP – France

Postdoc offer Epistore-LMGP-EN

Looking for a highly-motivated postdoctoral researcher to lead the research activity on the development and advanced characterization of electrochemical materials for their use on ultrathin Reversible Solid Oxide Cells

  • 1 PhD position on Deposition of functional oxides by spatial atomic layer deposition (SALD) at Grenoble INP -LMGP – France

The candidate will focus on the optimization of the SALD deposition parameters and thorough characterization of the materials deposited. The candidate will also be involved in device fabrication and characterization. The ideal candidate is a highly selfmotivated individual of any nationality with a strong experimental background in semiconductor device physics and thin films.

Deadline: July 31, 2022


  • 1 Post Doc position on Integrated Photonics for Quantum Computing at AMO – Germany

The Nanophotonics Group is an international team of passionate and enthusiastic physicists and engineers from various disciplines such as microelectronics, lasers and photonics, electrical engineering and nanotechnology. We are combining ideas from various disciplines to research key technology to scale the number of QBits in ion trap based quantum computers.


  • 1 PhD position in Electrical Engineering at THM – Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen -Germany

The project will be on “High-frequency operation of Organic Permeable Base Transistors – Device optimization, compact model development, and benchmark circuits“.  The position is a DFG (German Research Foundation) funded project that is associated with the research group Nanoelectronics and Device Modeling at the Competence Center for Nanotechnology and Photonics. The main objective of the project is to optimize device design and develop a compact model for new vertical organic permeable base transistors. The project is in collaboration with the Chair of Opto-Electronics at TU Dresden, where the devices are going to be fabricated.

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