Joint Sinano-Nanofunction-New Member States-Eastern Europe-ENI2 Workshop

The International Joint Sinano/Nanofunction/New Member States-Eastern Europe/ENI2 Workshop on “Advanced process and device integration and innovative nanofunctions in Nanoelectronics” was held in Kyiv on April 11th, 2013.

Objectives of the workshop:

Conference Objectives

Progress in modern nanoelectronics poses important challenges related to integration of nano-and micro-components in one device or one system. We are especially facing many challenges for the integration of nanofunctions, in all three, More-Moore, More-than-Moore and Beyond CMOS domains. Nanosystems combining Nanoscale CMOS and Memories, nanosensing, energy harvesting using nanostructures and nanodevices for RF applications are of considerable importance for the future of Nanoelectronics. These integration related issues will be presented and discussed by invited leading European Scientists and participants from EU and FSU research communities giving occasion for exchange of knowledge, ideas and research challenges.

Programme of the workshop



Sinano/Nanofunction Speakers:

ENI2 Speaker:

New Member States-Eastern Europe Speakers :