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Welcome to the website of the SiNANO Institute

The SiNANO Institute is a non profit Association established as a durable EU Network of researchers in order to form a distributed Centre of Excellence in the nanoelectronic field. More than 1200 scientific and technical staff are working together in this field in the SINANO Institute. 

Its objectives are to:

  • Carry out a role of representation and coordination of the associated Organizations in the area of nanoelectronic devices and technologies,  
  • Promote the strengthening of the European scientific culture, technical knowledge and skills in the field, and exploit the synergies deriving from the complementary nature of the competencies available at its Members, 
  • Encourage collaboration between its Members, research bodies and industries, 
  • Perform training activities, University curricula, Workshops to develop high competence levels in Europe, participate in Roadmaps definition,
  • Play an important role in European structuring and programs, and strengthen the overall efficiency of the European research in Nanoelectronics.

Institute's members are renowned European research organisations and universities  in the field of nanoelectronics.




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30/08/2017 - Sept. 11, 2017 SINANO-NEREID Workshop in Leuven

SINANO-NEREID Workshop on "Towards a new NanoElectronics Roadmap for Europe"  will be held in Leuven on Sept.11, 2017 in the framework of ESSDERC-ESSCIRC 2017

Registration: through the ESSDERC website only for the workshop on:


  • 09:00 Welcome: Enrico Sangiorgi (SINANO Institute)
  • 09:05 "Presentation of the NEREID Project" Francis Balestra (Grenoble INP/CNRS)
  • 09:25 "European Status, Vision and Perspectives in Nanoelectronics" Francisco Ibanez (European Commission)
  • 10:00 "Emerging technologies for Beyond CMOS" Jouni Ahopelto (VTT) &"Alternative Computing Paradigms" Clivia Sotomayor Torres (ICN2)
  • 10:45 Coffee break
  •  11:00 "Advanced logic: Nanoscale FET" Anda Mocuta (IMEC) & "RF and mmW Design / Connectivity" Yann Deval (IMS Bordeaux)
  •  11:45 Functional Diversification: "Smart Sensors" Adrian Ionescu (EPFL), "Smart Energy Devices" Steve Stoffels (IMEC) & "Energy for Autonomous Systems" Stéphane Monfray (ST Microelectronics)
  •  12:45 Lunch
  •  14:00 "System Design" Holger Schmidt (Infineon) & "Heterogenous Integration" Georgios Fagas (Tyndall)
  •  14:45 "Equipment and Manufacturing Science: Large area epitaxy of 2D materials for nanoelectronics" Thanasis Dimoulas (NCSRD)
  •  15.30 Conclusions: Enrico Sangiorgi, SINANO Institute
  •  15.45 End of the Workshop


In the city center of Leuven, at the KU LEUVEN Campus of Social Sciences

Room AP 00.15 Auditorium Max Weber (AP) (Parkstraat 51, 3000 Leuven), inside the Campus.


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