Meet the team

SINANO Management Team


Francis Balestra, GINP/CNRS (FR)

+33 456529510

Head of EU Office

Pascale Caulier (FR)

+33 456529509

Communication & Project Manager

Milena Boclé (FR)

+33 456529519

Governing Board


+ 353212346988

– Enhance membership with Start-ups/ Spin-Offs

– Lobbying and Interactions with the European Commission, participation in Position Papers

Danilo Demarchi, IUNET (I)


– Help to select new SINANO scientific topics

– Enlarge the development with eastern Europe (Academics, Start-ups) and develop the interactions with the Industrials

Romuald Beck, WUT (PL)

+48 (22) 234 7534

– SINANO Networking, Contact and invite new possible SINANO members

Valeriya Kiltchytska, UCL (BE)

+32 10 47 25 64

– Identify the most suitable /promising topics with great interest for SINANO members

– Identify EU-Calls and Topics for SINANO proposals

Qing-Tai Zhao, FZJ (D)

+49 2461 614513

– Develop very important scientific topics (e.g. Neuromorphic Computing and Quantum activities) to extend SINANO activities in Beyond CMOS field

– Identify the best suitable members in these fields to be contacted

General Assembly – Chairperson

Max Lemme, RWTH & AMO GmbH (D)

+49 241-8867200

Director Emeritus

Enrico Sangiorgi, IUNET (I)