• Apply with the support of the IMEP-LaHC laboratory to the competitive entrance examinations for CNRS researcher permanent positionon

– Electron devices physics – details
– Measurement, Characterisation and Analysis in complex microwave environments – details
– Multiphysics Microsystems integrated on glass – details
– TERAHERTZ – details
– Multi-physics integrated sensors for environmental monitoring – details

  •  1 PhD Position at Università degli Studi di Udine (IT) and Université Paris-Saclay (FR): “First principle quantum transport for an atomistic engineering of nanoscale devices and interfaces”.
    Detailed position
  • 1 Post Doc Position at Universitat Autònoma Barcelona

1 Post Doc Position – Evaluation of the TZV and TDV of emerging devices: exploitation in cryptographic primitives

Description & Application Deadline September 2023

  • 1 PhD scholarship at the Center for Cultural Heritage Technology

Nanostructured materials, Graphene and 2D materials in the restoration of mosaics

Description & Application (posted – 18/04/23)