Indo-Pacific-European Hub for Digital Partnerships

INPACE is a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action Project dedicated to create a sustainable and interactive multi-stakeholder Indo-Pacific European Hub for collaboration in digital technologies.

Its core mission is to support the implementation of the Digital Partnerships with Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Singapore, as well as the cooperation with India in the context of the Trade and Technology Council.

The INPACE Hub aims to establish a long-term expert-driven mechanism for EU-Indo-Pacific collaboration, engaging a broad community of stakeholders across Europe and the Indo-Pacific.

SiNANO is involved within INPACE in the working pillar aiming at pushing key technologies forward, in the cluster on “Enabling Technologies Chip for the Future”. This project finds synergy with the ICOS project on semiconductors, in which SiNANO is also involved.

More information:

The INPACE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement 101135568