Three paths towards one goal: make progress nanoelectronics

Nanoelectronic Landscape
The SINANO Institute is particularly focusing on the convergence of More Moore and Beyond-CMOS, on one hand, and the merging of More than Moore and Beyond-CMOS, on the other hand, for developing innovative nanoscale structures that can improve performance and/or enable new functionalities in future terascale ICs and Nanosystems.

Activities devoted to:

  • More Moore (Ultimate CMOS/Memories)
  • Beyond CMOS (novel devices for ultra-low power 1D, small slope switches -NW/TFET/NEMS…, Alternative materials -2D layers…, New processes -bottom-up…,)
  • Very advanced More than Moore (micro-nano-bio sensors & systems, RF devices, Energy harvesting, Flexible & printed electronics, Power electronics etc.) fields
  • Smart Systems and System Design
  • Quantum Technologies & very low temperature electronics