Mission & Vision

Mission: SiNANO’s main objectives

  • To carry out a role of representation and coordination of the associated Organizations in the area of nanoelectronic devices and technologies,
  • To promote the strengthening of the European scientific culture, technical knowledge and skills in the field, and exploit the synergies deriving from the complementary nature of the competencies available at its Members,
  • To encourage collaboration between its Members, research bodies and industries,
  • To discuss and launch new European projects,
  • To perform training activities, University curricula, Workshops to develop high competence levels in Europe, participate in Roadmaps definition,
  • To play an important role in European structuring and programs, and strengthen the overall efficiency of the European research in Nanoelectronics,
  • To represent Europe for IRDS

SINANO Institute Position Paper for the European Chips Act Pillar 1

SiNANO welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on ‘A Chips Act for Europe’. This is a timely and ambitious policy underpinning Key Digital Technologies along the whole value chain of Micro- and Nano- Electronics Components and Systems.
The SiNANO Institute is in overall agreement on the drivers and objectives for the European Chips Act. The recent chip shortages and geopolitical changes have made it clear that Europe needs to address its strategic autonomy in the supply chain of chip manufacturing. A European Chips Act is critical for the future of the twin Green and Digital Transition and provides a great opportunity for Europe’s technology sector.

To strengthen the foundations of the European Chips Act and to anticipate any inadvertent outcomes, the SINANO Institute has prepared a Position Paper.

SiNANO Position Paper – EU Chips Act Pillar 1 – 11.22