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International Workshop Grenoble Nov.6-7, 2018 on:

Semi-conducting Nanomaterials for Health, Environment and Security Applications” 

The focus will be on the development of semiconducting transducer materials exhibiting different architectures – nanoparticles (0D), nanowires (1D) and thin nanostructures (2D) – for the electrical detection of biological molecules of various origins. Aspects related to their integration and functionalization will be addressed.


Accepted extended paper could be published in a special Issue of:

  • Material Research Express – IOP Science
  • ISTE OpenScience – Nanoelectronic-Devices

Final CFP Semiconducting nanomaterials

More information on:

Deadline Abstract submission: Sept.15, 2018.

SiNANO Booth at EFECS 2018

The SiNANO Institute will have a Booth at EFECS “European Forum for Electronic Composants and Systems” in Lisbon on Nov. 20-22, 2018.

More Information on EFECS