Open PhD/PostDoc positions at the University of Pisa, Italy

Expressions of interest must be submitted by email, together with a CV and contact information by May 20, 2018 to

The available research topics are listed. They are typically performed in the framework of a larger project within a European collaboration or of a bilateral project with an industrial sponsor.

PhD positions are for three years, Post Doc positions are initially for one year and might be renewed for up to four years.

Positions of shorter duration (for visiting students/scholars or for MS thesis projects) might be considered depending

on the expertise of the candidate and the definition of a suitable subproject.

For additional information please send an email to

Available Research topics (More information)

1. Theoretical investigation of ultra-low-power nanoscale transistors and memories for large scale integrated circuits.

2. Quantum engineering of materials and devices based on heterostructures of 2D materials.

3.Design of MEMS/NEMS-based phononic crystals for sensing applications and for heat management.

4. Design of low-power analog integrated circuits for analog hardware accelerators of artificial intelligence (deep learning) algorithms.

5. Modeling of power devices based on GaN and SiC for performance and reliability optimization and model development.

6. Design of highly efficient power management circuits and systems based on switched capacitors. Both circuits based on silicon technology and on GaN will be considered.

7. Quantum radar in real world situations. Investigation of the potential for quantum metrology at room temperature and in a noisy environment.

POST-DOC POSITION at Grenoble INP, France

The aim of this post-doc is to optimize the sensing device structure and the functionalization process for optimum sensitivity. This will be conducted using pseudo MOSFET measurements made on SOI structures in order to be able to screen numerous functionalization schemes before transfer to nanonet-based structures.


PhD POSITION at Grenoble INP, France

PhD Thesis subject on: Study of the piezoelectric properties of ZnO based nanocomposites: application to energy harvesting for autonomous sensors at IMEP-LaHC / MINATEC / Grenoble-France

Contact: Gustavo ARDILA

From the fundamental point of view, the thesis will aim to deepen the understanding of electromechanical phenomena at the nanoscale by taking into account screening effects by ionized dopants, free carriers and interface traps. Several other important effects will also be studied, such as mechanical and electromechanical non-linearity, especially the higher orders of the piezoelectric effect, or flexoelectric effect, which probably plays a very important role in the piezoelectric response of nanostructures. The thesis will focus on the properties of nanowires as such, but also when immersed in a dielectric matrix to form a nanocomposite. It will be possible to vary experimentally some key parameters such as the doping and dimensions of the nanowires.

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POST-DOCTORAL position available at UC Louvain, Belgium

A post-doc contract is available in advanced device physics at UCL in the field of thin-film PV cells (CIGS, CZTS), focusing on interface and passivation issues and novel solutions. The researcher should have expertise in I-V and C-V measurements of MIS structures and diodes, as well as TCAD numerical semiconductor device simulations. Previous research expertise in solar cells is not a strict requirement. The research takes place in a large EU project (

Contact :

Full Professor Position at Technical University of Munich, Germany (TUM)

The responsibilities include research and teaching as well as the promotion of early-career scientists. We seek to appoint an expert in the research area of Nano and Quantum Sensor Systems with a focus on their design and application in medicine, metrology, and communication. The teaching load includes courses in the university’s bachelor and master programs.

TUM Full Professor Position