ICOS workshop in Grenoble (France), April 26-28

This first international workshop of the project ICOS “Sustainable Electronics and International Cooperation On Semiconductors” will take place in Grenoble, France, on April 26-28.

The European Project ICOS

The goal of the European project ICOS (International Cooperation On Semiconductors), coordinated by Grenoble INP – UGA and financed by the European Commission within the framework of the Horizon Europe program, is in line with the objectives of the EU ChipsAct, the EU Critical Raw Material Act, and the objectives set out by the European greendeal and Digital Agenda strategies.

ICOS aims to support the growth of the European semiconductor and semiconductor-based photonics industry through focused international research cooperation.
It will play a significant role in helping Europe regain sovereignty and leadership in the domain.

A workshop to strengthen International cooperation

This first international workshop of the project, entitled “Sustainable Electronics and International Cooperation On Semiconductors“, will bring together key players on the subject:

  • representatives of the main industrials in the field,
  • research and technology organizations,
  • European academics and researchers in micro-nanoelectronics,
  • representatives of the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), Horizon Europe and the EU Chips Act, as well as the holders of European and international roadmaps (AENEAS Association/ECS SRIA, IRDS, SDRJ, ePIXfab).

These 3 days, focused on strengthening international cooperation in this area, will present among other things the European and International issues related to future semiconductor technologies.
We will discuss the main challenges of sustainable electronics to be taken into account in future international cooperation, the international IRDS roadmap, the strategy of the EIC and prepare responses to possible calls for joint international projects.

This event will accelerate technological innovation in this strategic field of semiconductors, at the heart of many future applications and markets. The ICOS Horizon Europe project started with an exhaustive analysis of the value chains of semiconductors for electronics and photonics, the strengths and gaps of European and international industries and research communities in this area, as well as emerging technologies.

Within that context, a first workshop will be held in Grenoble on April 26th to 28th, to gather an overview of the strategies of different leading countries in the field of semiconductors, of European and International roadmaps, and conduct an initial analysis of the gaps between EU activities and the most promising technologies highlighted in Roadmaps for possible future international collaborations


ℹ️ Free Workshop but registrations mandatory by April 20.

▶️ Registration on: https://icos-semiconductors.eu/

▶️ Practical information and draft programme: ICOS Workshop – 26th to 28 April