International Workshop: Sustainable Electronics & International Cooperation On Semiconductors

The international Workshop Sustainable Electronics & International Cooperation On Semiconductors will take place in Grenoble, France, on April 26-28

The workshop will cover 3 main thematics:

  • European Innovation Council, with presentation of the EIC programmes, a time for startups or researchers interested in launching a startup to discuss, and testimonies from successful startups. Later in the workshop, there will be other sessions with European Commission representatives.
  • Sustainable Electronics: another big part of the talks will focus on this very actual and crucial topic. There will also be a panel session to debate current environmental and sustainability issues linked to electronics use and manufacturing.
  • Technology Scanning and Foresight: another thematic will focus on different technologies, their development and the potential of future technologies. Chips Acts, international roadmaps, and in particular the perspectives of the European market for the semiconductors will be questioned and discussed, also through a panel discussion.

Find below a short summary of the workshop and ICOS. You can print it or send it by email to your network!

Download print file (pdf, 1 Mo)