Tampere University joins the SiNANO Institute’s members

Tampere University joins the SiNANO Institute’s members

June 3rd, 2024

The SiNANO Institute is glad to welcome Tampere University among its members!

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland with about 21000 students and 4000 staff members, leads world-class research on Microelectronics and Photonics and holds leadership of the two flagship programs awarded by Research Council of Finland. Tampere University will bring new opportunities for collaboration to the SiNANO network in the semiconductor research field and develop its global visibility.

Among its main topics of research, Tampere University is particularly specialized on AI, RF, 6G, Security and health systems. It is for instance home to System-on-Chip (SoC) Hub, a joint effort with companies to design new SoCs for AI, 6G, sensing, imaging and security applications. In recent times, Tampere University became one of the prominent hubs in Europe for Neuromorphic Computing research.

A World class Laboratory
Tampere University’s Laboratory of Future Electronics (LFE) was awarded with Roadmap status (2021-2028) by The Finnish Research Infrastructure (FIRI) Committee (Research Council of Finland). Some key facts about the LFE:

  • Its microfabrication facility includes more than 300 m2 of class 100/1000 cleanroom with standard semiconductor processing capability.
  • Very recently, Tampere University got awarded the Pilot Line for Hybrid System-in-Package Fabrication with Wide Bandgap materials (WBG) Functionality that is part of the EU Pilot Line Proposal for “Advanced semiconductor devices based on Wide Bandgap materials”.
  • Tampere Microscopy Centre provides world-class imaging facilities of the nanoelectronic materials and components
  • Thin-film fabrication: ALD (thermal and plasma) connected with Inert glovebox-system including evaporator (thermal, e-beam), probe station, spin-coater, vacuum hot-plates for semiconductor device fabrication and testing in oxygen and moisture-free environments.
  • Characterization: Ferroelectric material tester, Semiconductor parameter analyzer, Cryostats with capacity of reaching 1.5K and upto 16T magnetic field, equipped with optical window, probe-stations, pyroelectric analyzer, potentiostat, piezotester, mechanical (stretching, bending, rolling) testing, multi-axial stretching.

A key actor in International cooperation: Tampere University is an active collaborator on several international projects.

With its crucial implication in research and education in nanotechnology, Tampere University is with no doubt a new asset for the SiNANO network.

Sayani Majumdar, Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering Information Technologies and Communication Sciences at TAU, and key actor of this partnership with SiNANO, said “I am delighted that SiNANO has accepted Tampere University as a member. This alliance will significantly increase our visibility in the European nanotechnology sector and provide our students with unique opportunities to engage with leading research infrastructures in Europe. It will also facilitate extensive collaboration not only within Europe but also with partner countries such as Japan and South Korea.

We believe we will offer wide range of activities and strategic collaboration potentials at research and academic levels, that will contribute to the objectives of SINANO.”

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