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Workshop at ESSDERC-ESSCIRC 2021: “Sustainable IoT”

A virtual Workshop “Toward sustainable IoT: From rare materials to big data” will be jointly organized at ESSDERC-ESSCIRC 2021 by NEED for IoT – Audrey Dieudonné, Thierry Baron / SINANO Institute – Francis Balestra, Pascale CAULIER / HiPEAC.
The access to raw materials is a major economic and geopolitical stake for the 21st century. Key resources/materials being used today in the emerging devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) must be substituted or drastically reduced in the near future. Tens of billions of electronics objects are being disseminated all over the world in homes, buildings, cars, roads, etc., therefore it is obviously a major concern to develop a sustainable electronic industry mindful of its impact right from the conception of these objects to their final use/consumption.
In this workshop, we propose to bring together academics and industrials in Social, Economics and Physics/Chemistry and Technological Sciences to exchange about innovative solutions to develop a more sustainable nanoelectronics ecosystem, problems and possible solutions for the reduction of energy consumption of electronic systems.
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“The Future of Nanoelectronics Devices and Systems Beyond Moore”  Virtual Workshop on August 31, 2021

Online event in September 2021, in the framework of EUROSOI-ULIS2021. Registration is free of charge but mandatory

The workshop will be devoted to the European contribution to the IRDS Roadmap in the field of More than Moore, Beyond CMOS and Emerging Materials, covering the following topics :

  • Smart Sensors
  • Smart Energy
  • Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems
  • Flexible/Wearable Electronics
  • Beyond CMOS
  • Emerging Materials

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You are welcome at Caen, Normandy for the next “in person” EuroSOI-ULIS’2021 edition on September 1-3, 2021



22th Conference on Insulating Films on Semiconductors ‘INFOS 2021’

28 June 2 July 2021 in Rende, Italy

INFOS2021_1st Call for Papers

9th SiNANO Modelling and Simulation Summer School

We are happy to announce 2022 Summer School on advanced modelling and simulation of conventional and novel nano-CMOS devices, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland with technical sessions.

More information soon on: SINANO Summer School website