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Workshop on “Advanced Materials and Nanostructures for Disruptive Devices & Applications” in Tarragona – Spain on May 9, 2023

ASCENT+ Community Workshop

Session 1: Future Computing

Session 2: Disruptive Devices

Session 3: Advanced Materials and Devices Integration

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This workshop is organised as Satellite event of the EUROSOI-ULIS conference

EUROSOI-ULIS Conference 2023 in Tarragona, Spain on May 10-12, 2023!

The Conference aims at gathering together scientists and engineers working in academia, research centers and industry in the field of SOI technology and nanoscale devices in More-Moore and More-Than-Moore scenarios.

2nd Call for papers EUROSOI-ULIS 2023

Deadline Abstract submission: March 1, 2023

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