Sustainable Electronics & International Cooperation on Semiconductors – April 26-28th in Grenoble, France


The very first ICOS Workshop will be held on April 26th to 28th, 2023 in Grenoble, France.

The ICOS-International Cooperation On Semiconductors project starts with an exhaustive analysis of the value chains of semiconductors for electronics and photonics, the strengths and gaps of European and international industries and research communities in this area, as well as emerging technologies. The findings regarding the most promising research subjects and international partners will be translated into proposals for future bilateral or multilateral research initiatives and practical cooperation modalities.

Within that context, the first workshop will take place in Grenoble on April 26th to 28th, to gather an overview of the strategies of different leading countries in the field of semiconductors, of European and International roadmaps, and conduct an initial analysis of the gaps between EU activities and the most promising technologies highlighted in Roadmaps for possible future international collaborations (collaborations to be strengthened or to be proposed on topics of mutual interests).

>> Detailed programme, abstracts and presentations