Why Join us?

The SINANO Institute offers attractive items:

  • Networking and Collaborations
  • Propose joint European projects
  • Organize workshops and Summer Schools
  • Develop collaboration with European Industries
  • Strenghten the European Structuring in Nanoelectronics

It can also allow you to:

  • Write Roadmaps and Positions papers
  • Use open Research Infrastructures

The SiNANO Institute is the European contact point for IRDS (which replaces ITRS): it opens new possibilities for the Members to be active in the International scenario: we will organize the IRDS European meeting next year.

How to join us: Practical information

To join the SiNANO InstituteEuropean Academic and Scientific Association for Nanoelectronics:

1. You have to aplly by filling up this Sinano_application_form (pages 2&3) with your group information and send it by e-mail to sinano@minatec.grenoble-inp.fr

2. An extraordinary session of the Sinano Institute General Assembly is then organized to examinate the possibility to accept it

3. Once you are officially a member, your institution will be asked to pay a one-time entry membership fee (3000 €) and an annual fee (1000 €).