Contact person : Ioannis (Giannis) Kontogiannopoulos –

Location: Nea Erhthrea (near Athens) Greece

Year of creation: 2018

Type of technology:

Circuits Integrated Hellas IKE (CIH) is a fab-less semiconductor company providing integratedbling next generation products. At the fore front of innovation, CIH aims to enable a new approach to the desig silicon & compound IC solutions for RF & mmWave applications. Pioneering the mmWave revolution, CIH is currently focusing on Beam-Forming and Phased Array Antennas IC implementations, enan of complex transceivers by developing modular platforms for cutting-edge applications and releasing its silicon proven IP.

Product solutions:

CIH focuses mainly is in designing Beam-forming Integrated Circuits / Systems for 5G and SATCOM and has been operating as a design service provider for IoT.
CIH experience is strongly associated with the development of several chipsets (TX, RX) in the Ka & Ku bands, implementing single as well as double beams analog solutions. The first two have been successfully demonstrated through a leading provider of global satellite communications.
These ICs enabled the First-to-Flight ESA Terminal for NGSO.

Other possible applications of their technology:

  • Radars for sensing and detection.
  • Wireless Charging with Beamforming.
  • Circuit Design for Imaging.

Disruptive innovation (s) :

Novel design approaches suitable for SATCOM and 5G applications.
CIH solutions include antenna in package solutions, 3D integrations based on Si and/or SiGe technologies, FEM designs in III-V technologies, system in package integrations and antenna ideas that are suitable for high-power / high-frequency developments.

Experience and/or interest in financing their product development through publicly funded projects:

National Research projects with NCSR Demokritos (INN)

ESA funded project submission (on going with the approval)

Funded Project by Customer in a research and development mode