Contact person : Alfonso Sanchez –

Location: Grenagh, Ireland

Year of creation: 2012

Type of technology:

TCAD software solutions and technology design

Other possible applications of their technology:

  • Advanced Logic and Memories
  • Nanowire Sensors
  • Heterodimensional Transistors

Disruptive innovation (s) :

  • Quantum device design
  • Accurate electronic description for finFETs, nanowire devices, and transistors from 2D materials
  • Open physics framework for inclusion of spintronics and quantum computing requirements in TCAD

Experience and/or interest in financing their product development through publicly funded projects:

They would welcome research proposals for partnership in publicly funded projects in alignment with core competencies and product roadmap. Their employees have a wealth of experience in national and European projects and with extensive experience working with world leaders in integrated circuit manufacturing for pathfinding for emerging technology evaluation.

Product solutions

  • M* is a TCAD solution developed for industry leaders to perform for explicit quantum simulations with a multi-band effective mass treatment of electronic structure; easy to use, fast, robust and flexible, making it the ideal tool for advanced technology design.
  • Q* is a state-of-the-art k∙p explicit quantum simulator to address advanced devices based on graphene and other 2D materials.
  • Compact Model Detective examines how standard compact models must be customised for ultra-scaled or novel devices, or model requirements when integrating advanced material sets.
  • estructure zoo provides the flexibility required to integrate new materials into your design protocols and to seamlessly integrate new material properties into the quantum device simulators M* or Q*.