Contact person : Miguel

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Year of creation: 2016

Type of technology:

Printed electronic Sensors, with different nanomolecules and Graphene

Product solutions:

  • Printed Temperature Sensor
  • Printed Humidity Sensor

Other possible applications of their technology:

Physical & Chemical Sensors

Disruptive innovation (s) :

Rapid Prototyping Technological Platform for printed electronics with nanomolecules and Graphene without the use of a Clean Room

Experience and/or interest in financing their product development through publicly funded projects:

GraphenicaLab has successfully secured over 1M€ of investments from both public and private funding.

GraphenicaLab has achieved these different public financing: NEOTEC Prize (Spanish Government), SME Phase I (EU Funds), Líneas Estratégicas (Spainsh Government)

Public funds have been used as a boost for private investment and develop Graphene Sensors up to TRL4 & TRL6.

Further investment mixing both public and private funds will be needed for further development and commercialization.