Contact person : Laurent Lebrun –

Location: Eybens, France

Year of creation: 2017

Type of technology:

Wafer and device level electrical test under magnetic field

Other possible applications of their technology:

Biological applications in the future (>5 years)

Disruptive innovation (s) :

3D magnetic generator able to deliver a vectoral magnetic field very easily

  • magnetic field out of plane up to 0,5 T sweeping on a DUT in less than 100 ms
  • magnetic field in plane up to 0,35 T

Second technology = a magnetic generator able to deliver 10 T pulses

Experience and/or interest in financing their product development through publicly funded projects:

Interest in European project around devices using magnetic layer (magnetic sensors, MRAM, spintronic)

Product solutions

Magnetic devices need to be tested under magnetic field sweep, and time spent to test wafers increases chip costs. Varying the magnetic field at a high sweeping rate above the wafer is a challenge for industrial high-volume markets.

The key purpose of Hprobe’s products is to electrically probe wafers under a magnetic field at extremely high throughput, by achieving fast testing time per device. This is possible thanks to Hprobe’s proprietary technologies of magnetic field generators.

Hprobe’s 3D magnetic field generator and Hcoil-2T magnetic field generator are patented technologies, compatible with the requirements of electrical wafer level probing requirement in mass production. The uniquely designed generators operate with power supplies and air cooling, so no complex liquid cooling is required.

Hprobe testers are operating with 100-300mm automated wafer probers. A test head integrating the generator is positioned on the wafer probing station. The testers are compatible with all automatic probing stations (TEL, Accretech, Electroglas, …)