Contact person : Mark Schneider, CEO –

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Year of creation: 2018

Type of technology:

Microwave imaging point-of-care sensors (Healthcare electronics)

Other possible applications of their technology:

  • Wireless communication between brain and body (Body Network)
  • Neurology – brain pressure sensors,
  • Wearable electronics: Soft Intelligence epidermal communication platform for wearable electronics,
  • Woundcare: diagnostics, Lymphedema diagnostics, Orthopaedic limbs

Disruptive innovation (s) :

Dielectric imaging via microwaves at the point of care.

Experience and/or interest in financing their product development through publicly funded projects:

Strong interest in applying for public funds and to receive more information and relevant contacts to public funds.

Product solutions

  • Muscle Analyzer System,
  • Bone Density Analyzer System