The Future of Computing and Storage Workshop on May 17, 2022 – Palazzo Antonini Cernazai – Udine Italy

This one-day Workshop, supported by IEEE-EDS, is devoted to the update of the European contribution to the IRDS Roadmap in the field of Cryogenic electronics & Quantum information processing (CEQIP) and More Moore advances . The main challenges, most promising technologies, needed research efforts and possible applications will be presented by reknown EU experts.

Overview of European and International Perspectives

  • Introduction of the European and International Roadmaps – Francis Balestra – SINANO Institute  / CNRS-GINP Slides
  • IRDS Roadmap – Paolo Gargini – IRDS Chairman
  • Overview of the European Chips Act –Francisco Ibañez – European Commission Slides

More Moore advances

  • IRDS More Moore Roadmap and Implications for System Scaling by Mustafa Badaroglu – Qualcomm: IRDS Team leader Slides
  • Two-dimensional materials as a platform for SOT-based memories by Dr Jose Hugo Garcia – ICN2 Slides
  • The role of Non-Volatile Memories in novel computing architectures by Konrad Seidel – Fraunhofer IPMS Slides
  • Ferroelectric memristors and memcapcitors as a CMOS compatible physical subsstrate for bio-inspired neuromorphic computing by David Esseni – IUNET – University of Udine Slides
  • Opportunities and challenges using 2D materials in nanodevices by Inge Asselberghs – imec Slides
  • Heterogeneous Integration of 2D Materials by Eros Reato – AMO GmbH Slides

 Cryogenic electronics & Quantum information processing

  • IRDS Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Information Processing (CEQIP) Roadmap Summary by Scott Holmes – IRDS Team leader Slides
  • Cryogenic CMOS with FD SOI and Si Nanowires by Dr Qing-Tai Zhao – JARA Institute / FZJ & RWTH Slides
  • Challenges and possible solutions in the field of Alternative Computing architectures by Dr Heike Riel – IBM
  • The potential and global outlook of Integrated Photonics for Quantum Technologies by Dr Emanuele Pelucchi & Dr Giorgos Fagas – Tyndall Slides
  • Challenges for semiconductor industry to enable Silicon based quantum computing challenges by Dr Maud Vinet – CEA-LETI Slides
  • Cryo-CMOS circuits and systems: an enabling technology for large-scale quantum computers by Dr Fabio Sebastiano – TU Delft / QuTech Slides
  • Quantum transport in Nanoelectronics device by Dr Vihar Georgiev – University of Glasgow & SemiWise Slides

Registration: free of charge but mandatory by May 6th

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