The SiNANO Institute, together with the ICOS and INPACE projects, organises a workshop on Emerging technologies in Advanced Computation, Advanced Functionalities, Ground-breaking Technologies: Impact on International Cooperation in the framework of the ESSERC 2024 50th European Solid-State Electronics Research Conference.

The workshop will take place on September 9th in Bruges, Belgium.

The preliminary programme is as follows:

  • Horizon Europe ICOS-International Cooperation On Semiconductors, and INPACE-Indo-Pacific-European Hub for Digital Partnerships – Francis Balestra, CNRS, Grenoble INP, SiNANO Institute 
  • Smart sensors for IoT​ – Alan O’Riordan, Tyndall National Institute​ 
  • Energy harvesting for autonomous systems ​ – Gustavo Ardila, Grenoble-Alpes Univ.​ 
  • Beyond Von-Neumann computing architectures and Heterogeneous integration​ – Olivier Faynot, CEA-Leti
  • New nanodevices architectures​ – Nadine Collaert, imec​ 
  • Innovative materials for power devices​ – Markus Pfeffer, FhG IISB​ 
  • Scaling semiconductor photonics – The trends and the challenges – Wim Bogaerts, Univ. Gent​ 
  • Emerging semiconductors meet new applications: security, multi-valued computing, and hazard monitoring – Hocheon Yoo, Gachon University, South Korea 
  • Emerging Material Integration for Advanced Functionality of Semiconductor Devices and Systems ​- Hiroyuki Akinaga, AIST, Japan 

Registrations will open soon, please indicate your wish to participate in the workshop as you register for the ESSERC conference. Sits are limited.

Details for the programme – ICOS Workshop – Bruges – ICOS Semiconductors (