Contact person : Claudio Roscini, CEO –

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Year of creation: 2014

Type of technology:

Nanotechnologies to obtain photochromic films, coatings, paints and inks that quickly and reversibly modulate, within a few seconds, their color upon exposure to sunlight irradiation.

In particular the technology allows:

  • Highly transparent and fast-responsive photochromic films and coatings,
  • Printable UV-active color-changing inks/paints.

The company owns two patented technologies and several years of know-how.

Product solutions

  • This technology allows obtaining fast self-responsive and highly stable transparent photochromic materials, which rapidly self-adapt to the solar light conditions. They can be used in ophthalmic lenses, car windshields, helmet visors, and sportswear in general (cycling, skiing glasses), which rapidly respond to the external sunlight conditions, managing the control of solar light transmission.

    This technology serves:

    – to improve comfort and safety of the user (bikers, skiers, card-rivers, motor-bikers, etc.), less affected by the glare provoked by direct solar light irradiation.

    – to decrease the energy consumption in buildings related to air conditioning and ventilation systems, as it allows to diminish the solar heat gain produced by sunlight irradiation crossing windows. This has also effect in the CO2 emissions.

Other possible applications of their technology:

The technology also serves to achieve:

– fast color-changing labels, drawings and markers, which can be used for design and fashion products.

– solar light modulation in greenhouses and awnings.

Disruptive innovation (s) :

The nanotechnology allows obtaining in the same material:

  • High transparency,
  • Very fast response (within seconds),
  • High stability (> 3 years),

Sustainable production (neither volatile organic solvents nor high-energy process are required).

Experience and/or interest in financing their product development through publicly funded projects:

Futurechromes is developing its product through private collaborations and public projects. The public projects are:

  • SME instrument (EU)
  • Doctorats Industrials (AGAUR)
  • Colaboración Público-Privada (MCIN, AEI, EU).

We are interested in new R&D projects through private and public funding.