SiNANO Academy – 10th Modelling, Simulation and Technology Summer School

 The 10th Modelling, Simulation and Technology Summer School is a biannual comprehensive set of classes aimed at PhD, Postdoc researchers, junior academics, as well as modelling, simulation and technology experts in industry. The programme is part of the SiNANO Academy which organises lectures, tutorials, advanced discussion groups…

Participants will expand and refine their knowledge of the modelling, simulation and technology of cutting-edge semiconductor devices, with the world’s leading device modelling, simulation and technology experts. The need for advanced modelling, simulation and technology will be motivated by lectures on extremely scaled and novel Nano electronic devices covering the More Moore, More Than Moore and Beyond Moore domains.

  • The Summer school includes a poster session.
  • Interested researchers are invited to submit a one-page abstract of their work to apply for presentation of a poster in this session. (Please submit to:, deadline for submissions: 16.08.2024, further information will come
  • A special session IEEE MQ “Simulation and Technology on Emerging Devices” will be organized the day prior to training.


Summer School Flyer

Details and registration