SINANO-III-V-MOS-Compose3 Workshop 2016

On September 12th, 2016, the 12th edition of the Sinano workshop co-organized with the EC projects III-V-MOS (GA 619326) and Compose3 (GA 619325). devoted to II-V compound semiconductor technology and devices for advanced nanoelectronics” has been held during ESSDERC-ESSCIRC’2016 in Lausanne, Schweiz.


Programm of the Workshop:




1- “Introduction , Enrico Sangiorgi, Director of the SINANO Institute, Luca Selmi, III-V-MOS Project coordinator and Jean Fompeyrine, Compose3 Poject coordinator

2- “III-V Materials for Advanced CMOS and Beyond: Devices to 3D Monolithic platformVeeresh Deshpande IBM

3-Addressing future trends in integrated silicon photonics” , Charles Baudot, ST Microelectronics

4-“300mm high-mobility layer on insulator substrates ”, Julie Widiez, CEA-LETI

5-InGaAs Monte Carlo and Drift-Diffusion Models and TCAD simulation Fabian Bufler, Synopsys and Susanna Reggiani, IUNET-Bologna

6- “III-V Nanowire MOSFETs on Si for Millimeter-Wave Applications ”, L.E Wernersson, Lund University

7- “Impedance spectroscopy of narrow band gap InGaAs MOS systems  “, Paul Hurley, Tyndall National Institute

8-Atomistic modelling of III-V devices, contact resistance and interfaces states ”, Troels Markussen, QuantumWise

9- “Performance projections and modelling benchmarking for nanoscale III-V MOSFETs ”, David Esseni, IUNET-Udine

“Live Demo of QuantumWise – VNL/ATK”, Troels Markussen QuantumWise and “InGaAs Monte Carlo and Drift-Diffusion TCAD setups”, Fabian Bufler, Synopsys