On September 26th, 2014, the 10th edition of the Sinano workshop  devoted to “Beyond-CMOS for advanced More Moore and More than Moore applications “ was held during ESSDERC-ESSCIRC’2014 in Venice,Italy.

Programm of the Workshops:



1-   Introduction , Francis Balestra & Enrico Sangiorgi, SINANO Institute

2- RRAM: temperature assessment of electrical performances, in view of manufacturability , Luca Perniola, CEA-LETI

3- Graphene Devices for More-than-Moore Applications , Max Lemme, University of Siegen

4- Small Slope, Big Energy Savings: the Next Electronic Switch , Adrian Ionescu, EPFL

5- Nanoelectromechanical Switches for ultra -low power applications , Hervé Fanet, CEA-LETI

6- Nanopower design of active power management ICs for heterogeneous energy harvesting devices , Aldo Romani, IUNET

7- Nanowires for Solar Energy Harvesting , Anne Kaminski, Grenoble INP-Minatec