“The Future of Nanoelectronics Devices and Systems Beyond Moore” Virtual Workshop on August 31, 2021

This one-day on-line Workshop, supported by IEEE-EDS, was devoted to the update of the European contribution to the IRDS Roadmap in the field of More than Moore, Beyond CMOS and Emerging Materials. The main challenges, most promising technologies, needed research efforts and possible applications were presented in the following available presentations by reknown EU experts:

Introduction of the European and International Roadmaps – Francis Balestra – CNRS-GINP / SINANO Institute:  Slides

Beyond CMOS and Emerging Materials

  • Trends in Beyond CMOS by Clivia Sotomayor-Torres – ICN2 and Jouni Ahopelto – VTT: Slides
  • 2D semi-metal to semiconductor transition devices and/or doping of 2D materials by Farzan Gity – Tyndall: Slides
  • GeSn/Ge vertical nanowire GAA FETs by Qing-Tai Zhao – FZJ: Slides
  • Flexible electronics with 2D materials by Zhenxing Wang – AMO: Slides

New IRDS More than Moore Roadmap

  • Presentation by Mart Graef – TU Delft: Slides

Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems

  • Summary of the IRDS Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems White Paper by Gustavo Ardila – UGA: Slides
  • Thermoelectric energy harvesting in context of galloping IoT market by Maciej Haras – CEZAMAT: Slides
  • Contribution of triboelectricity for kinetic energy harvesting using electrostatic transduction by Philippe BASSET – ESIEE, Paris: Slides

Smart Sensors

  • Summary of the IRDS Smart Sensors White Paper by Alan O’Riordan – Tyndall: Slides
  • Sensing at the Edge: Challenges and Opportunities by Adrian Ionescu- EPFL: Slides
  • Smart Sensors and Systems for environment and human exposure monitoring by Carmen Moldovan – IMT: Slides
  • Micro and nanotransducers for the Internet of Things by Cosmin Roman – ETHZ: Slides

Smart Energy

  • Materials and substrates for future power devices by Joff Derluyn – Soitec BU EpiGaN: Slides
  • Smart power devices based Wide Bandgap semiconductors by Mikael Ostling – KTH: Slides
  • Summary of the IRDS Smart Energy White Paper by Gaudenzio Meneghesso – UniPD: Slides

Flexible/Wearable Electronics

  • Roadmap of Flexible Electronics: Challenges and Possible SolutionsSummary of the IRDS White Paper by Benjamin Iñiguez – URV: Slides
  • Schottky barrier and organic devices for neuromorphic circuits by Laurie Calvet – CNRS – Université Paris Saclay: Slides
  • New strategies for sustainable electronics by Elvira Fortunato – UNL: Slides Part1Part2; Part3

Registration: free of charge but mandatory

Timing: CEST (Paris Time)

More information: contact@sinano.eu

EUROSOI-ULIS informations and registration : https://eurosoiulis2021.sciencesconf.org/